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stdair::TravelSolutionStruct Struct Reference

Structure holding the elements of a travel solution. More...

#include <stdair/bom/TravelSolutionStruct.hpp>

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Public Member Functions

const SegmentPath_TgetSegmentPath () const
getClassAvailabilityMapHolder () const
const ClassObjectIDMapHolder_TgetClassObjectIDMapHolder () const
const ClassYieldMapHolder_TgetClassYieldMapHolder () const
const BidPriceVectorHolder_TgetBidPriceVectorHolder () const
const ClassBpvMapHolder_TgetClassBpvMapHolder () const
const FareOptionList_TgetFareOptionList () const
FareOptionList_TgetFareOptionListRef ()
const FareOptionStructgetChosenFareOption () const
void addSegment (const std::string &)
void addClassAvailabilityMap (const ClassAvailabilityMap_T &)
void addClassObjectIDMap (const ClassObjectIDMap_T &)
void addClassYieldMap (const ClassYieldMap_T &)
void addBidPriceVector (const BidPriceVector_T &)
void addClassBpvMap (const ClassBpvMap_T &)
void addFareOption (const FareOptionStruct &)
void setChosenFareOption (const FareOptionStruct &iChosenFO)
void toStream (std::ostream &ioOut) const
void fromStream (std::istream &ioIn)
const std::string describe () const
const std::string display () const
const std::string describeSegmentPath () const
 TravelSolutionStruct ()
 ~TravelSolutionStruct ()

Detailed Description

Structure holding the elements of a travel solution.

Definition at line 24 of file TravelSolutionStruct.hpp.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

stdair::TravelSolutionStruct::TravelSolutionStruct ( )

Default constructor.

Definition at line 15 of file TravelSolutionStruct.cpp.

stdair::TravelSolutionStruct::~TravelSolutionStruct ( )


Definition at line 19 of file TravelSolutionStruct.cpp.

Member Function Documentation

const SegmentPath_T& stdair::TravelSolutionStruct::getSegmentPath ( ) const

Get the segment path.

Definition at line 28 of file TravelSolutionStruct.hpp.

const ClassAvailabilityMapHolder_T& stdair::TravelSolutionStruct::getClassAvailabilityMapHolder ( ) const

Get the holder of avalabilities.

Definition at line 33 of file TravelSolutionStruct.hpp.

const ClassObjectIDMapHolder_T& stdair::TravelSolutionStruct::getClassObjectIDMapHolder ( ) const

Get the holder of object ID's.

Definition at line 38 of file TravelSolutionStruct.hpp.

const ClassYieldMapHolder_T& stdair::TravelSolutionStruct::getClassYieldMapHolder ( ) const

Get the holder of yields.

Definition at line 43 of file TravelSolutionStruct.hpp.

const BidPriceVectorHolder_T& stdair::TravelSolutionStruct::getBidPriceVectorHolder ( ) const

Get the holder of bid price vectors.

Definition at line 48 of file TravelSolutionStruct.hpp.

const ClassBpvMapHolder_T& stdair::TravelSolutionStruct::getClassBpvMapHolder ( ) const

Get the holder of class - bid price reference.

Definition at line 53 of file TravelSolutionStruct.hpp.

const FareOptionList_T& stdair::TravelSolutionStruct::getFareOptionList ( ) const

Get the list of fare options.

Definition at line 58 of file TravelSolutionStruct.hpp.

FareOptionList_T& stdair::TravelSolutionStruct::getFareOptionListRef ( )

Get the non-const list of fare options.

Definition at line 63 of file TravelSolutionStruct.hpp.

const FareOptionStruct& stdair::TravelSolutionStruct::getChosenFareOption ( ) const

Get the chosen fare option.

Definition at line 68 of file TravelSolutionStruct.hpp.

void stdair::TravelSolutionStruct::addSegment ( const std::string &  iKey)

Add a segment key to the segment path.

Definition at line 154 of file TravelSolutionStruct.cpp.

void stdair::TravelSolutionStruct::addClassAvailabilityMap ( const ClassAvailabilityMap_T iMap)

Add a class availability map.

Definition at line 160 of file TravelSolutionStruct.cpp.

void stdair::TravelSolutionStruct::addClassObjectIDMap ( const ClassObjectIDMap_T iMap)

Add a class object ID map.

Definition at line 166 of file TravelSolutionStruct.cpp.

void stdair::TravelSolutionStruct::addClassYieldMap ( const ClassYieldMap_T iMap)

Add a class yield map.

Definition at line 172 of file TravelSolutionStruct.cpp.

void stdair::TravelSolutionStruct::addBidPriceVector ( const BidPriceVector_T iBpv)

Add a bid price vector.

Definition at line 178 of file TravelSolutionStruct.cpp.

void stdair::TravelSolutionStruct::addClassBpvMap ( const ClassBpvMap_T iMap)

Add a class bpv reference map.

Definition at line 184 of file TravelSolutionStruct.cpp.

void stdair::TravelSolutionStruct::addFareOption ( const FareOptionStruct iFareOption)

Add a fare option.

Definition at line 190 of file TravelSolutionStruct.cpp.

void stdair::TravelSolutionStruct::setChosenFareOption ( const FareOptionStruct iChosenFO)

Set the chosen fare option.

Definition at line 97 of file TravelSolutionStruct.hpp.

void stdair::TravelSolutionStruct::toStream ( std::ostream &  ioOut) const

Dump a Business Object into an output stream.

ostream&the output stream.

Reimplemented from stdair::StructAbstract.

Definition at line 23 of file TravelSolutionStruct.cpp.

References describe().

void stdair::TravelSolutionStruct::fromStream ( std::istream &  ioIn)

Read a Business Object from an input stream.

istream&the input stream.

Reimplemented from stdair::StructAbstract.

Definition at line 28 of file TravelSolutionStruct.cpp.

const std::string stdair::TravelSolutionStruct::describe ( ) const

Display of the structure.

Implements stdair::StructAbstract.

Definition at line 53 of file TravelSolutionStruct.cpp.

References stdair::FareOptionStruct::describe(), stdair::BomKeyManager::extractKeys(), and stdair::ParsedKey::toString().

Referenced by toStream().

const std::string stdair::TravelSolutionStruct::display ( ) const
const std::string stdair::TravelSolutionStruct::describeSegmentPath ( ) const

Display only the segment path.

Definition at line 32 of file TravelSolutionStruct.cpp.

References stdair::BomKeyManager::extractKeys(), and stdair::ParsedKey::toString().

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