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stdair::DBManagerForAirlines Class Reference

#include <stdair/command/DBManagerForAirlines.hpp>

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Static Public Member Functions

static void updateAirlineInDB (DBSession_T &, const AirlineStruct &)
static bool retrieveAirline (DBSession_T &, const AirlineCode_T &, AirlineStruct &)
static void prepareSelectStatement (DBSession_T &, DBRequestStatement_T &, AirlineStruct &)
static bool iterateOnStatement (DBRequestStatement_T &, AirlineStruct &)

Detailed Description

Class building the Business Object Model (BOM) from data retrieved from the database.

Definition at line 18 of file DBManagerForAirlines.hpp.

Member Function Documentation

void stdair::DBManagerForAirlines::updateAirlineInDB ( DBSession_T ioSociSession,
const AirlineStruct iAirline 

Update the fields of the database row corresponding to the given BOM object. DBSession_T& AirlineStruct& .

Definition at line 99 of file DBManagerForAirlines.cpp.

References stdair::AirlineStruct::getAirlineCode(), and stdair::AirlineStruct::getAirlineName().

bool stdair::DBManagerForAirlines::retrieveAirline ( DBSession_T ioSociSession,
const AirlineCode_T iAirlineCode,
AirlineStruct ioAirline 

Retrieve, from the (MySQL) database, the row corresponding to the given BOM code, and fill the given BOM object with that retrieved data. DBSession_T& const AirlineCode_T& AirlineStruct& .

Definition at line 134 of file DBManagerForAirlines.cpp.

References iterateOnStatement().

void stdair::DBManagerForAirlines::prepareSelectStatement ( DBSession_T ioSociSession,
DBRequestStatement_T ioSelectStatement,
AirlineStruct ioAirline 

Prepare (parse and put in cache) the SQL statement. DBSession_T& DBRequestStatement_T& AirlineStruct& .

Definition at line 26 of file DBManagerForAirlines.cpp.

bool stdair::DBManagerForAirlines::iterateOnStatement ( DBRequestStatement_T ioStatement,
AirlineStruct ioAirline 

Iterate on the SQL statement.
The SQL has to be already prepared. DBRequestStatement_T& AirlineStruct& .

Definition at line 82 of file DBManagerForAirlines.cpp.

Referenced by retrieveAirline().

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